30 Days Till Turkey

Hey there!

It sure has been a long time (almost 2 months!) since I posted here.  Crazy!  I have gone through stages with this blog since the beginning and I guess I wanted to take a break.  Well, I’m back now.  We will see how long this sticks…ha!

I have a plan for the next 30 days (at the bottom of this post), but I guess I’ll start with what I’ve been up to in the past two months.  Let’s see…


1.  Koda update:  Koda is finishing up with obedience training tomorrow night.  We chose a great board and train program and he has been there for the past five weeks.  He is making improvements like crazy and I’m so proud of him.  He will come home for a week and then we will take him back to the same place for six weeks of gun dog training.  This is what Aaron has been waiting for…he is pretty excited to have a canine buddy for duck hunting!  It is a lot of time away from us, but once this last part is complete, he will be fully trained and with us for the long haul.  I’ve missed him like crazy, though.  He is a lot taller and more filled out than when we dropped him off 5 weeks ago…I’ll be sure to post pictures of him soon!


2.  Races:  I haven’t raced much in the past year, but I was able to knock out two races in the past two weekends.  First up was the Hershey Half Marathon.  I have wanted to do this race for a while and it was a great time.  I haven’t been running much recently, but the weight lifting I’ve been up to seems to have helped me maintain some level of running fitness.  I met my goals for the half marathon (average under 11 min/miles, no walking until mile 8).  Best part of the race was that you got a chocolate bar at mile 11.5.  Best thing ever!


The second race was the Marine Corps Marathon 10K.  I met all my goals for this race as well (average under 10 min/miles and no walking).  It was the perfect temperature and like every year, there were tons of people out on the course and the energy was contagious.  I never regret running a Marine Corps Marathon series race.

3.  Married Life:  Married life has been wonderful!  I’m not sick of him yet, so that’s a good sign, right?  ;)  We have been busy having fun recently…


Aaron surprised me with dinner out on my birthday at the end of September.  It was a great restaurant in Old Town Fredericksburg and we enjoyed the night.  It was a different way to spend the night and I loved it.


We bought a boat!  Aaron was looking to upgrade his boat that he uses for fishing and hunting and we finally took the plunge.  It’s a big step in a marriage when you take out a joint loan…haha!


I was invited to the Commandant of the Marine Corps Passage of Command ceremony and made sure to bring Aaron along.  It was a lovely ceremony and I enjoyed it a lot.  Best of all was getting dressed up with Aaron and having a photo to document it all!


Along with my race packet for the Hershey Half Marathon, I got two free tickets to Hersheypark.  The night before the race, Aaron and I spent a few hours wandering around the park and riding roller coasters.  While I can’t recommend this activity as helpful in getting you prepared to run 13.1 miles, we had an absolute blast and I wouldn’t have changed my pre-race strategy for anything!


4.  Birthday:  Speaking of my birthday in September, I also was able to celebrate with my nephew.  Brady’s birthday is exactly 2 weeks before mine, so we had a little joint celebration this year.  He turned 4.  When I asked him how old I was turning, he thoughtfully replied, “81.”  I think I look pretty good for my age…ha!

So that has been my life in a nutshell the past few months.  Add in a lot of school work and a good amount of lounging on the couch, and you have a pretty accurate look into my life.  It’s thrilling stuff, huh?

30 Days till Turkey

I’m getting pretty excited about the upcoming holiday season.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  I dream about the turkey and stuffing and PUMPKIN PIE!  Let’s be honest, a holiday that is all about food and spending time with friends and family is pretty fantastic.

BUT, I have to get back on track, health wise, for the next 30 days leading up to the holidays so I can enjoy them, guilt free.  I have let myself enjoy married life and have been eating more than I probably should…SO, I have decided that, starting tomorrow, I will spend the next 30 days refocussing my health efforts.  There will be a focus on diet, exercise, and a few other things.  I’m excited to do this so I can feel less guilty during the holidays.

Part of this will be checking in here more often…have a great Monday!





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