Meet Koda!



Aaron and I made an addition to our family two weeks ago.  He is roughly 40 pounds, jumpy, and adorable.  And his name is Koda.

Koda is a 5 month old Lab/Irish Setter mix puppy.  We adopted him from his first family that wasn’t quite able to handle his “puppiness.”  He is definitely a puppy, but proving to be a good dog and pretty smart.



If I’m being honest, I have had a really hard time adjusting to life with this dog.  He is sweet and very much a mama’s boy.  But I have had a hard time to the life change that is life with a dog.  It’s been a challenge, especially because Aaron has been not around much because of work things.  So the dog has been all on my for the first two weeks.  I’m in survival mode until Friday, when Aaron will be around more and I will have the help.



Koda got fixed on Tuesday so he is being pretty pathetic this week in his cone.  He has a follow up on Friday and hopefully the cone can go away.  He really hates it.  But it was a necessary evil.  He can’t get trained or go to doggy day care until he is fixed, so that is going to happen soon!  We have him signed up for a three week board and train the end of this month.  I think I will feel better if I can have some obedience control over him…time will tell.  He has the ability to sit and I think he is starting to understand what no means, but he really has poor home manners.  We are crating him, which I still feel guilty about, but I shouldn’t since he will go in there and lie down sometimes when I am home.



All in all, I’m struggling with our new addition, but we are pushing through.  Aaron is excited about it and I know that once we get some training under our belts and he gets a bit older, he will be an awesome dog.  He is so good with kids and other dogs, which is great.  He is social and happy and all lab.  He is going to make our lives interesting and I can’t wait till we are all used to each other!

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