Random Musings

There is so much going on in my life right now and most of it is completely random.  Not one thing that would necessarily rate it’s own post…but together it works.  Prepare for 5 lovely nuggets of randomness!

Sad, but so very true.

Sad, but so very true.

1.  Aaron and I went to Costco on Sunday.  It was glorious for me.  Aaron pushed the cart behind me like he was on his way to his own execution.  This just cracked me up and I let myself get lost in my Costco excitement.  I did get angry at some little kids who TOTALLY cut in line at one of the sample stations in front of me.  And then these little mongrels took two samples.  I was livid and complained to Aaron who proceeded to look at me like I was insane for being angry at little kids.  Whatever.  I wanted to try that croissant!  Anyway, I walked out of there with some goodies to include a 3 lbs bag of fresh broccoli florets.  So now you all know what I will be eating all week.

This is exactly how I look when I run on the treadmill now.  I freak people out.

This is exactly how I look when I run on the treadmill now. I freak people out.

2.  I have decided that I enjoy working out.  It’s super strange to me.  Working out has always been something that I had to do.  Now I find myself wanting to work out and it is seriously creeping me out.  I also don’t want a mushy back and floppy arms so I started Les Mills’ Pump last week.  The 90 day program will take me up to a few days before the wedding.  *Insert comment about stereotypical bride working out to look good on their wedding day.*  But in all faireness, I’m enjoying the workouts and Aaron and I are planning out our home gym for the new house so this will continue.  That huge unfinished basement is screaming for a treadmill and weights!

Not my tire, but exactly how I feel.

Not my tire, but exactly how I feel.

3.  My car has become magnetic.  Seriously.  About a month ago I got a flat tire.  Turned out to be a nail in the tire.  The tire place patched the tire and sent me on my way for $30.  Easy peasy.  Last Friday, a different tire was low.  I put air in it and then proceeded to drive around on it for two more days.  Aaron finally forced me to take it to a tire place and lo and behold they found a screw in the tire.  Another patch and I was good as new.  Don’t need to go through this again for a while, though.

This might be my favorite .gif ever.

This might be my favorite .gif ever.

4.  I’ve decided I can not be angry after seeing a dog stick it’s head out of a car window.  I had a frustrating afternoon at work and was in a bit of a pissy mood on my drive home.  Then a car passed me with a dog, happy as it could possibly be, sticking it’s head out the back seat car window.  Dogs just look so darn happy when they are like that.  Try not to smile the next time you see one.  I dare you.

This makes ladybugs so creepy...

This makes ladybugs so creepy…

5.  Finally, my apartment is beginning it’s annual infestation of everyone’s most hated bug…the ladybug.  Every spring I have lived in this apartment, ladybugs have taken over my apartment.  I very rarely see them alive though.  It’s so strange.  I see their little carcasses everywhere though.  I know they are way better than spiders or cockroaches or other gross bugs.  And I’m thankful for that.  But do you know how disturbing finding crunchy, dead ladybugs can be?  Strangest infestation ever.

And that wraps up some randomness.  Any random things happening to you recently?

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