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A Pinterest Party!

For reals, yo!

My love of Pinterest has no bounds.  I decided to have a type of “crafting” party and after a bit of a scheduling conflict due to Hurricane Irene, the “party” was today.  I say “party” because it was just me and another friend, but it was still pretty fun!

Ooey, gooey, wonderfulness!

First, our snacks.  I put together this A-Freakin-Mazing Spinach Artichoke Dip.  I found this recipe on Pinterest…duh.  It was super simple to make and required very little effort.  We ate well over half of the recipe, too!  I split the leftovers between the two of us.  I can’t recommend this recipe enough…so delicious!

Salty and Sweet

The dip was enough, but I always want to have something sweet to offer.  I made this for Labor Day weekend, so I knew it was a winner already.  Again, another recipe I found on Pinterest.  This Salted Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bark is downright addicting!  The combination of sweet and salty appeals to many people.  This recipe makes a good amount, so there are going to be some happy Marines at work tomorrow eating the leftovers!

Personalized Coasters are Cool! :)

Once we were appropriately filled up with dip and bark, it was time to embark on the crafts.  I had two crafts planned…both pretty easy.  The first was personalized coasters, which is another Pinterest find.  You can find the directions for these here.  They were super easy to make and the possibilities are endless.  We both used scrapbook paper, but you could use just about anything.  I’m thinking about using our company logo and making a coaster for all of my Marines this year for Christmas.  The coasters are made on tiles I got at Lowe’s.  I think they were about 40 cents a piece.  A cheap, but fun gift!

I’m ready for spring and it is only fall!

Our second craft was this cute ribbon wreath…that I found on…Pinterest!  You can see the breakdown of the instructions here.  I picked a print and a solid ribbon to use and I loved how simple this was.  Basically, you just cut the ribbon into pieces and tie them onto the foam wreath.  No glue or stitching required.  My friend made one with Christmas ribbon that was super cute too (but she didn’t have enough ribbon to finish it, so no picture).

It was a super fun afternoon of crafty and girl talk.  This afternoon of crafting made me even more excited for my upcoming crafting for Christmas!

Do you consider yourself “crafty?”